Sea of Madness

Legitimate Business Enterprises, LLP #7

In which the company meets their fate.

The men of Legitimate Business Enterprises, LLP moved into the cave after a brief rest to explore the depths of Meloran horror within. The fought many a horrible creature and eventually found their way to a pool of sea water, in which a priestess was chanting and moving about.
Just as they were about to leap into the fray, Jin held out his hand and exchanged a look with Tusk. They both noticed something odd about the priestess, and the cliff before them:
they weren’t really there!
Cautiously, most of LBE moved in, and upon seeing them, the illusory priestess went into casting, statues came to life and chaos ensued.
In the long run, things didn’t go well for the guys. Most of them met their makers right there in that cave, while Jin and Rick escaped, only to hear that long mournful call one last time and succumb to its sweet succor. As their lungs filled with water, a peace came over them. For even though their bodies would soon return to resupply the Meloran cave of the very fish men they had slaughtered, their souls moved on…
That’s how I met them, in fact. Melora stole their bodies, but their spirits moved on to the realm of the Raven Queen. Here we all sit at the Once Over Inn, a group of guys with a grudge against Melora and her followers, just waiting for the right time. Because rumor has it a gate from the Shadow Fell is going to open sometime soon, and when it does the boys of Legitimate Business Enterprises, LLP and me, well we’re gonna go teach them Melorans a thing or two about vengeance. Maybe I’ll even get to fight by my crew’s side one last time…



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