Sea of Madness

Kun-We gathers his thoughts... the desert

Vuden and Talmud have left the crew, and Nod has been freed of his collar. The collar, of course, did not prevent him from kidnapping the mayor of Lurd to deliver him to the compass, so perhaps its loss is no great thing.

Vuden was a stalwart and loyal ally, and the most reasonable of our group. Talmud was a rock; reliable and solid, even if I did not always trust his judgment, particularly when it comes to Nod. Both were fierce in battle, and without them, we are diminished.

Nod’s behavior is becoming erratic again, but Captain Lee seems to tolerate it, for some reason. Out of respect for his command, I have stayed my blades for now. Still, this will by my last adventure with his crew. Perhaps the power they steal from Melora’s trinkets will preserve them, but Nod seems poised to doom the crew with his inconstancy. If it amuses the captain to tolerate his disloyalty, that is the captain’s business, and the crew’s to follow him if they wish. I have sworn no such oath.

We arrived some days ago at the great port of Ishar, and set out almost immediately into the deep desert. A Meloran artifact is said to lie buried beneath a mountain in the dunes. The travel has been difficult, but we have taken a native guide and seem to be close to our goal. Once the prize is taken and we return, I will take my leave of the Cotadormar and seek a new path in Ishar.



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