Sea of Madness

Just another day in the Feywild

That’s the one of the most interesting and frustrating things about living in the Feywild. Just when you think you have seen most of what it has to offer it immediately proves you wrong. As I stood outside of Vernol’s, being quite pleased with myself a small pixie came and asked for him. After I explained that I was all that remained, the pixie accepted this fact and then stated that I would meet his lady. I had nothing else to do and so I agreed, to which the pixie pulled me along with greater strength than should have been possible from something so small.

As we reached the destination I felt genuine joy for the first time in several cycles. Two other satyrs were to be a part of this group! There was also a man completely clad in armor who seemed to strongly dislike the elf that was a part of our group as well. Not that I can entirely blame him, elves do have a tendency to be pretty damn smug and annoying.

When we finally reached the pixie’s lady I was amazed by her beauty and raw power exuding from her. She explained our mission, we were to rescue an eladrin and he needed to be alive. After explaining where he was being held she offered information about it’s defenses. Even though we all agreed that disguising ourselves and walking through the front door was our best option, she still insisted on telling us all about how amazing the defenses were. Hell, the way she went on and on I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a hand in creating them and was using this as an opportunity to brag. I walked out early because she had started to bore me and I was looking forward to beginning this quest.

As I waited outside I played some music and one of the other satyrs joined in and we played together. Such simple fun! Perhaps this mission will be as good for my spirits as my pockets. The other satyr joined us and mentioned that he couldn’t play an instrument. I could hardly believe my ears, but apparently he was raised outside of the Feywild and has come here seeking information on his parents. We will teach him what it truly means to be a satyr, I have no doubt in that.

Before we set off it was announced that the satyr seeking his parents would be our leader. I gave no objection, for two reasons. He is a satyr and he wasn’t raised here making him far more trustworthy than the rest of us.

The journey was what one would expect of the Feywild. Sentient insects, blinding fog, water with a normal cave underneath it, a child that transformed into a man, and trees coming to life and attacking us. When the trees attacked we easily took care of them. Thanks in no small part to the pixie and the human raised satyr. I look forward to seeing the destruction we will cause in the future.



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