Sea of Madness

From the Journal of Cassius Wolfslayer, Book Two: Page 1

Cold. So very cold for so very long. Have you ever danced on the border between being asleep and being awake? That moment where you are barely aware of the fact that your eyes are closed? You try to move, to open your eyes, and you can’t. It can be terrifying and confusing. Now imagine being in that state while experiencing a cold far colder than you have ever felt. You cannot breathe, you cannot shiver. I and the other Daggers were in that frozen hellish state for what seemed like an eternity.

I remember the battle with Synelle. We stormed his ship and after a battle of epic struggles, heroic melee, and bombastic arcane exchanges, we felled the foul Eladrin bastard. After that, all I remember is the blackness and the cold.

Upon our release from our imprisonment, we were greeted by Nod and a couple of other Fey. Nod’s half-sister, and none other than my patron. His true form is that of a satyr, apparently, not the Eladrin form I saw him in during our first meeting. His interest in me apparently runs deeper than I imagined, as he was partly responsible for orchestrating my rescue. I underestimated the loyalty and devotion of the Fey, it seems.

Upon our waking from our forced slumber, we discovered that Suldren was separated from the rest of us at some point, and taken by a witch. And not just any witch, “The Mother of All Witches”. Despite the fact that we were only just barely feeling the warmth returning to our bones, we began planning the rescue of Suldren. Nod’s sister, Mag, was able to give us the information we needed to get into the witch’s hut. We owe her a favor in the future however, which I simply cannot wait to fulfill. We also have deduced that our ship, or at least, the artifacts that we bonded to it, have likely been taken from the Feywild. It seems we are pirates without a ship.

When it rains it pours.

A goliath, whose imprisonment we believe to have been over a thousand years long, was freed along with us and we’ve welcomed him into the group. From what Mag has told us, we’ll need all the help we can get.

Entering the witch’s hut was not very difficult, since we had gained the information we needed from Mag. A well-spoken lie by yours truly got us past the enchanted gate. The hut itself, while heavily enchanted, still had a warded door that just needed the right amount of tender care taken with it.

Inside the hut, things have been a little more difficult. The hut, while not very large on the outside, is vast on the inside, with many chambers; the wonders of the interior design to be found within the Feywild. Constructs made of ooze, magic-wielding bird-like creatures, and “living” shadows have all attacked us so far, and I feel we’ve only just begun exploring this place.

As I write this, we are taking a rest within the chamber that held the bird-men and the large ooze, a trapper. I can’t help but think of the cat we met once we entered this place. He could speak, and lamented what his “life” has become. His mistress has transformed him. He is now “once-a-cat” as he put it. It troubles me. When we find Suldren, will he still be Suldren? Or will he have been transformed into some abberant shadow of his former self to satisfy the mad wishes of this witch?



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