Sea of Madness

From the journal of Cassius Wolfslayer

The past several days have been so much fun! I feel like now I am finally living the life of one of the characters from my books. I thought living the life of a thief was a good time, but living the life of the hero is shaping up to be really exciting… at least for now.

After we destroyed the kobolds and their leader, Irontooth, we discovered a note on him that was cause for alarm. We made our way straight to Lord Winthrop to report the kobolds handled, and that there was someone in the area who was plotting his assassination. This Kalarel was apparently involved in a cult worshiping Orcus. We were paid for handling the kobold problem and made our way to the inn to try to gain some information on the cult, Kalarel, or where there might be a place to hide in the area.

At the inn I met, of all people, an old potato farmer, who was extremely willing to offer help, as well as his insights into all things potato. Speaking to the potato farmer I learned of a traveler named Dauvin who recently made his way to the town. He was looking for a burial site where there were supposedly the bones of an ancient dragon. He left town a week and a half ago and hadn’t been seen since. After that I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Valthren who is a local scholar. He promised to get information for us on a nearby keep that many of the townsfolk insist is haunted. It seemed a good place to investigate after the burial site. While I was alone Nod approached me and we had a peculiar conversation. Being from the Feywild he is still growing accustomed to mortals and our ways. He is worried that I am some kind of Good Samaritan out to right all the wrongs I find and not ask anything for myself. He just doesn’t understand that it’s all a game. He also doesn’t know that I do have a plan to make more money here at the town, and although it’s a bit of a gamble, this life is all about risk. The most memorable part of the evening though involved our chaperon, Mr. Frogue, darting through the inn without his pants, fleeing a rather agitated woman with whom he had obviously gotten to know quite well.

The next morning we reached the burial site and found a few humans, a gnome, a halfling, and a couple of drakes. After an awkward verbal exchange fighting broke out. It was no easy fight but we defeated all, save for the halfling, who ran off into the woods. Unfortunately after chasing him he was able to evade us and we lost his trail. We looted the bodies and rescued Dauvin, who had been tied up and thrown in a ditch. He told us what little he knew and showed us a valuable ancient mirror that the group had been looking for. It seemed important to the cult’s plans at the keep.

Back in Winterhaven we met up with Valthren again the next morning. He had some interesting things to tell us. The keep was the site of a gateway to the realm of Orcus in ages past. Members of an ancient empire slew the army of Orcus’ minions that came forth from the gate and then sealed it shut. The keep was built around the gate to ensure the armies of Orcus could not threaten the land. Later, tales of the keep being haunted arose after a captain of the guard suddenly turned and murdered a number of his soldiers, and even his own family. It seemed the cult worshiping Orcus wanted to reopen the gateway to allow his minions to spill forth into our world. The mirror we had found would have been a component of the ritual they would need to cast. So it seemed we slowed them down, but we wanted to put an end to their plans. Samaritan or not, living in a world overrun by the minions of Orcus is just not something we want.

We rode for a few hours and finally found the old keep. Once inside we found goblins camped out, and started our assault. Kun-We started out the fight by falling into a pit full of hundreds of hungry rats. The goblins were not impressed. The rest of us focused on the goblins on our level, leaving Kun-We to deal with his rat problem. Soon we realized the rats were actually too much for Kun-We. Nod, Vuden, and myself helped Kun-We while Talmud and Suldren chased after the last couple of goblins.

Delving further into the keep we found a group of goblins excavating a large area. After eliminating them we opened up a secret door that I had noticed and it gave Vuden the chance to quietly kill a sleeping goblin. After the rest of us headed up the secret stairwell we encountered another fight that had us holding back goblins on all sides. Vuden, Nod, and I started with goblins at the rear of the group while Talmud, Kun-We, and Suldren forged ahead and took on more goblins ahead of us. The next room we came upon was a sort of torture chamber. Talmud found out just how effective one of the devices can be at torturing someone. Kun-We seemed to be rather proud of the defeat of the leading goblin in that room, because that one’s head is going to be newly added to his belt. Yeeesh.

With that last battle we find ourselves feeling rather weary. As I write this we are weighing our options but we will most likely be resting for the night before continuing through the keep. I will move that we rest here, rather than waste hours riding back and forth to Winterhaven. It should not be too difficult to fortify an area we have already cleared and set up watches.

One final thought: I hope that Frogue is enjoying the show we’re putting on for him. I would like to think we’re proving we’d be a proper addition to the Mondschein.

~Cassius Wolfslayer


Nice one, sir:) That nicely covers Session #2s entry:)


Thank you kindly, cap’n.


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