Sea of Madness

Story of a Dead Man 2

My short life has taken a dark turn. A week ago, Captain Lee and his crew dredged my body out of the sea. I didn’t know who I was, only how I had gotten there. I was murdered. The captains mystic Linny said I was a Revenant. That for some reason I had my soul put back in my body to do something. They couldn’t tell me what, but they did say my appearance was a omen of death. Turns out they were right. Later that week the ship was attacked. Some spineless pirate named Synelle raided in the middle of the night looking for something. We were overrun. Things looked bleak until the rest of the crew arrived, and let me tell you, the Daggers, as Lee called them are something else. These men fight like demons. The raiders were being frozen solid, broken by blade and hammer and tossed about like ash on the wind. Things were looking good until that foul Synelle joined the fight. You see, Synelle doesn’t fight fair. He uses magic with his sword play, the coward. We were no match for him. If he hadn’t gone yellow after taking a few minor cuts he might have killed us all. Instead he fled, or at least that’s what the Daggers told me when they brought me back to consciousness. They were all a little creeped out by me, all except this one guy named Vistan. He seemed real interested in me. He’s a Shadar-Kai.He smelled like death. Have to say, for now I think he might be the only one I can trust completely. Anyway, it was shortly after Vistan helped me up that the omen I carried became apparent. The first mate Sam told us that Captain Lee was dead. Syenelle had killed him. I was mad, furious even. The man that had pulled me out of the water and given me safe passage on his boat was dead and I was deaths greeting card. Fate is a sick bitch. But that’s ok, cause fate brought me back with a purpose and I think I know what it is. I think I’m here to kill Synelle and you know what? Even if that isn’t my reason for being here, I’m going to do it anyway. Synelle picked the wrong albatross to shot down and he’s gonna pay.



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