Sea of Madness

Conversations in Nod's Noggin

“…Which is why I’ve put so much consideration into these gifts.”

“So why are you bothering to tell me?” Sartine retorted saltily.

Nod was still unused to mental conversations and wondered how to sigh telepathically. He settled on an image of himself doing just that and continued to polish the canine teeth in his hands, imbuing them with his wintery essence.

“You seem to be very hung up on being an object; being ‘wielded’ and all that.” Nod let the silence hang for a moment before continuing, “I too have spent time as a plaything. It wasn’t something I particularly relished. I was simply a vessel from which information could be scraped. I had lost my identity and become a thing. I was tortured I’d had secrets pried loose and struggled to keep a semblance of who I was. The only thing that could keep me together was buying the crew more time. I told him if they were killed, I would never tell him anything. Knowing I can speak no falsehoods he took me at my word and looked towards other ways to bait me.”

Nod stood and straightened his back. He had aligned the teeth in front of him, “I am not interested in a slave or a tool. What I am looking for is more of an associate, or a partner. I could wield you with impunity, but why? Simply because I can? No, I respect your intelligence too much for that. I ask if you don’t mind being handled by the corpse of a dragon because I know you worship the Raven Queen and she has her vendetta against the undead. “Scathing is her visage!”

“My skies, do I know how you worship the Raven Queen… “

“Yes! All hail…”

“…Yes! I get it! We’re all aware!” Nod shot back.


“The royal variety—- We’re off topic. When I was tortured I had undergone a series of blackouts that have been coming more readily. The curious thing is that something has been taking over my mind while I’m encountering these blackouts. You can speak to minds. I would like for you to find out about this alternate persona.”

“The one that is partially joined with you already?”

“What?! What do you mean?”

“There is another that resides in you, not separate, but part of the same.”

“How can this be?”

“Would you like to talk to It?”

“I…but…um…Yes! Yes I would!”

Hello Nod, we have much to discuss—-



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