Sea of Madness

From the Journal of Cassius Wolfslayer

Page Twenty-Six

The Captain and Sam spoke with us privately… the remaining Daggers… and told us of the location of another relic. They were speaking of one of the relics of Melora, of which we already have a few. This one is buried in a cave somewhere in the deserts of Ishar. Ishar! I read tales of the arid land of Ishar as a child, but never thought I would ever travel the sandy desert myself. My first feeling was one of excitement, the thrill of adventuring in this far off land. Then I thought about the descriptions of the place, and of what those who had lived there said of it. At that moment I realized that maybe this particular quest would not be as much fun as some of the stories would lead one to believe.

After coming upon the shore we began trying to orient ourselves using the archaic map that Sam had discovered. As we traversed the desert sands, making our way further and further from the sea, we found that this place was more unforgiving than anything we have encountered before. The days were hot, dry, and the sand whipped at our faces as it was blown up by the wind. At night the temperature dropped drastically, and it was all we could do to stay warm.

A few days of travel and we nearly became a meal for some massive, subterranean worm. It came up to the surface and we dove for cover just in time. We even managed to hide Suldren. The monster was a good distance away, but it still shook the ground we were on and I could feel its roar vibrate in my chest. I never read about that one in any of my books! Later, we encountered these elemental creatures, made of living air, that floated a little above the ground and rode the wind currents across the desert. We avoided them that first day, but more happened to find us when we settled down for the night a couple days later. The sand they carried in their whirling bodies blew around with the strength to grate flesh off of bone. Despite that, we managed to dispatch them easily enough.

Another couple of days and we found a group of merchants. We spotted their camp in the night and investigated. The merchants were not too friendly, but they had an extra hired guard who could speak our language and seemed to take sympathy on our seemingly ill-fated mission. He is a little long-winded, but seems a decent fellow. Sehanine knows we could use the help of a local. He first guided us to an indigenous tribe that traded with us for some supplies. Then, with his help, we found the cave which should house the Meloran artifact we seek. The cave once was the home of a large, powerful dragon. The dragon diverted the course of the river to make his home more suitable. The effect of diverting the river is readily apparent on the land we see around us.

We now are inside the cave, and are not the only ones here. After Nod and I took out some traps and guided the group through the entrance, we found some explorers who did not fair against the traps as well as we did. They posed no threat to us being as dead as they were. Others we found though, were quite a threat. They once were living, breathing people, but they have changed themselves into some manner of construct. Our new friend’s former tribe was destroyed by these things, but we all got a bit of revenge for him. They have all been dispatched and we are now taking some moments to rest before deciding which way to proceed. I should finish writing this before Kun-We gets any more frustrated. He seems to be losing his patience with the sound of me writing.



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