Sea of Madness

From the Journal of Cassius Wolfslayer

Page Twenty-Five

Just when I thought we would have a little bit of time to relax following our departure from the Underdark, all hell has broken loose on the ship. A while back we saved several trinkets and baubles of a nautical nature for the governor of Lurd; Curcai, I think his name was. He had been robbed by that group of Meloran cultists we tracked across the sea. Well, we had given him his artifacts except for his compass, which we kept for ourselves because it was a very powerful artifact. Nod found that he needed to be profoundly honest with those that do not save his life on a regular basis, and deceive those that he bunks next to. Apparently, despite wearing that damn Fey Collar that Sam forged, Nod had never forgotten that he needed to let the governor “see and touch” the compass.

Nod is apparently still the mentally under-developed, self-deluded fool he was all that time ago when we recovered the compass. Vuden has now abandoned the crew, citing that Nod is going to get us killed, or drive one of us into killing him. Talmud also has abandoned us, but not before freeing Nod of the apparently useless Fey Collar and swearing ANOTHER oath with him in secret. Talmud was just too disgusted with the life we have been leading to continue with us. He’s returned to his homeland.

Kun-We has been acting weird. I fear he might leave, too. If there’s anyone I ever thought would kill Nod, it was Kun-We. He might leave to avoid killing Nod, knowing that it would likely lead to his death as well. The big guy might be smarter than I’ve given him credit for.

I’m afraid that the “Daggers” are going to be reduced to Suldren, Nod, and myself. Should that happen I don’t know what to do. I’ve made more profit on this ship than I would have made in ten years of thieving on my own. I won’t leave. I’m living the kind of life I’ve been reading about since I was a child. Besides, we’re hunted men, it’s safer to be in a group for now. I just don’t know about Nod. The damn Fey and their use of language is always tricky, but Nod doesn’t even do it right! You’d think instead of promising the governor that he would let him “see and touch” his compass again, that he would have only said, “We’ll do all we can to make those thieves suffer.” Nothing about actually giving him back his property, but still instilling him with confidence that we’ll retrieve it for him. I still feel like Nod does not at all think or behave like most other Eladrin do, and that it must be due to that fact that he was expelled from his homeland. Fey are supposed to use their language to their benefit. They’re supposed to do things like trick others into one-sided deals, but make them believe they’re actually getting something worthwhile. That sort of thing. Nod actually uses his language to hamper HIMSELF, not the other person! Like I’ve written before, he seems to have paid attention to all the wrong parts of his lessons when he was growing up.

Well, here’s hoping that tomorrow we still have a crew and more haven’t left.



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