Sea of Madness

From the Journal of Cassius Wolfslayer

Page Twenty One

The drow ship and the Cortadormar exchanged volleys back and forth quite a bit. We played a game of cat and mouse for a while, although I’m not sure who was the cat in this case. Finally they came up alongside us only to let several shipmates board us and attack. They were probably just attempting to slow us down, which worked. The drow were able to sail off while we dealt with the interlopers. It did not work well enough however, since we had already figured out the most likely place they were going.

As we sailed up to the island we discovered a tall, narrow cave large enough for a ship. We assumed this was the point of entry into the Underdark and sailed inside. Things did not go too well after that. As we sailed into the cave a large, magical net came up around the boat. The ship was flanked by two creatures who were perched on outcroppings. They blasted us with thunderous bolts of sonic energy while arcs of electricity coursed through those of us on deck. It was a desperate situation. After quickly looking over the net I made the assumption that a sharp blade could cut through it, like any other net. Suldren was already one step ahead of me and charging at side of the ship to try his hand at slicing through the net. I took out my dagger, which aside from peeling fruit hasn’t seen much use in a long while, and started for the net on the other side of the ship.

Between all of us working at it, we were able to free the ship from the net, although it claimed the lives of several crewmembers. Meanwhile between blasts from Nod and myself, and Kun-We running, swimming, and climbing all over the place, we were able to dispatch the two creatures flanking us.

With our “grand entrance” completed we continued further into the dark. We came upon a huge stone stronghold that was literally carved out of the mountain. It stretched up into the blackness of the cavern, how tall it was we could not know. The captain decided that the Six Daggers would be making the rescue attempt while the ship sailed around to the other side of the fortress to provide a distraction. We were dropped into the water in a rowboat and waited for the ship to sail into view on the far side so there would not be that much attention on us.

As we made it onto dry land near the base of the stronghold we found ourselves fighting small groups, distracting others, and avoiding other groups entirely. Finally we were at the gate that would allow us entrance into the massive stone structure. After a failed attempt to slip by the sentries, we took them head on and overpowered them.

After getting inside we fought another couple of groups of Sam’s mechanical kin. We now are preparing to plunge further into this place in hopes that we can save Sam and get out of here before it’s too late for him… or for us.



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