Sea of Madness

A breath of winter: seven.

Bloody mad.

We are looking for a Fey thing: something that is from Nod, the one we have to save. While out looking, Garreth got into a fight with too many others and got dead. I covered myself in their blood in his honor and made that symbol he always wears.
After, Faunus said we could make him alive again if we had something pretty. I gave him the nice gem I yanked out of the mountain things head and it worked, he came back! I told him to not get in fights if I’m not around. I’m so happy I pulled that pretty gem out of that big stinky things head!
Faunus says maybe the Lady wants to know where the magic circles are so she can take over the city. I hope he’s right! I can’t wait to find Nod and leave.
I hate these people. I want them to all die.



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