Sea of Madness

A breath of winter: five.

Bye-bye stupid gnome.

Before we played the game, we needed more friends. To get them we had to be mean. I don’t like being mean for no reason, but I’m good at it.
Stupid gnome tried to kill us again. The street became water and everyone went swimming and there was a beast with lots of heads.
I hate gnomes.
He hid & hid while I ripped the creatures heads off, but Faunus & Merrill were stolen. Myken saw but didn’t tell us. I wanted to hurt him so bad. So did Garreth, I could tell, but we didn’t. We needed Faunus!
I rubbed their blood on my eyes and followed their pain to a house with an eye on the door. I went through the door and found them and the gnome and some big weird dolls.
They put me in a bag!
I got so mad I tore them apart and got all tangled in their threads and pieces. Everyone else came in too and the gnome went away again, but we found him upstairs and I buried my pick in his knee but Garreth said not to kill him and he was in charge so I didn’t. We asked him a bunch of questions about Nod and then Garreth let me carve a hole in his skull. I knew he would be mine.
I stole a ring from him and gave it to Faunus and told him everything he missed. He was glad to see me!



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