Sea of Madness

A breath of winter: four.

I win!

I told Faunus about the circles for the Lady. I didn’t think she would mind, because he’s the boss. We talked talked talked. Boring. But Faunus said it was important.
We found maps with good stuff in an empty building at night. I smashed a thing, too!
I convinced Garrett to be less loud about his stupid god all the time!
A bunch of goons attacked us. There was a gnome!
I hate gnomes.
I wanted him dead so bad, but he had nasty fire ghosts protecting him, then I got to him and hurt him then he disappeared. He is mine.
I ripped off the sensitive parts of one of his giants. That made me laugh! Hahahaha!
Faunus said there was a game where if I got into and out of a fancy jail without being seen I would win. I ran right in and no one knew I was there! I made sure the eladrin we need wasn’t there, plus I found a circle for the Lady!
I won!
Now there’s some game to play where we hurt people. I’ll win that too, I bet!



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