Sea of Madness

Book of Nod Vol II Entry 2

what what? in the hut.

Barely have we gone through Baba Yaga’s demesne and I hang at death’s door. Motivation seems lacking without the Captain. I can see it in the crew’s eyes. It’s like a hole that we keep getting into, and Suldren never seemed to mind digging up and chattering all the while. I do feel a sense of loss.

I cannot imagine what shall befall us after we leave this hut. We have left behind a witness who will have no trouble mentioning our names and whereabouts to Baba Yaga as the group has no problem dispensing them out like candy at any given time. The Witch of all Witches will most certainly be after us. Oddly enough, it won’t even be out of revenge in all likely-hood. Quite simply, it will be a callous justice for invading her home, rifling through her private affairs and taking Suldren back. To her, I imagine, Suldren is her property, and there will be a price to be paid for that, I am certain.

I will never get my debts out of my ledger, it seems.

At least it keeps me from thinking about the Tower again.



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