Sea of Madness

Book of Nod Vol II Entry 1

Out of the Tower and Into Lordship

I am in unfamiliar territory now, in a battleground with my mind. I had been placed under a vigorous torture regimine and am only now recovering. I… have come to find out things… my prison was a series of mirrors and with that I discovered that set upon my back were glowing sigils set to rhyme. It spoke of… a destiny? Of sorts? Of my origin? It is not the origin that I know. But when I think upon my youth it simply seems to get more dissolved. I can remember the facts that happened, but not the memories themselves. Which, to me, is disturbing as I have quite an acute memory.

When Had spoke with me (or should I say interrogated?) he’d asked about what I’d done. What had I done? I honestly couldn’t tell you what it was. Not that he was any more specific, he had no idea what I’d done either. A strange scenario if you ask me, an Eladrin interrogating another Eladrin about things neither of them knows about. He routinely scraped my brain looking for an idea, but going through the mind is a vast encounter and it likely would have taken him months. He was gambling more on me breaking down far faster and telling him what he needed to know. The funny thing was, I had found surges of strength deep in the depths of my mind. It had caused me to say things I wouldn’t have said otherwise. I’ve had blackouts. I thought it simply a symptom of the torture. The first time I had come to, Had looked startled, I couldn’t interpret his features beyond that. It would often come when Had was close to something important in his mind siphoning. It was something raw protecting me.

I can’t seem to focus, I’ve lost my composure. I feel at times like my life is a figment. Like I’ve been sleeping all my life. I couldn’t even think as my sister bartered with us. I do not look forward to my sister’s favor, I had just evened our score, and now I’m behind again.

I am also largely unconcerned that I’m the Patron of Abril-Tir. This world has turned upside down…



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