Sea of Madness

A New Beginning

My life has been so surreal these past few months, I can hardly believe it’s all actually happened. It has been a long time since I have felt this good. I still have some the occasional nightmare about my time in captivity, I thank the Platinum One for I know through my faith and service to him he has sped up my recovery. I’m still getting used to not having my left hand. I occasionally go to pick something up or pat one of the men on the back with it, I must eventually find a suitable replacement. Yet despite all of this I awake with a smile for what’s in store.

We have a new ship with most of the old crew and we’ve started to recover the artifacts. We have killed Synelle’s right hand man, there may be more to that situation but isn’t there always when Fey are involved? Although Nod’s behavior has become more crew friendly, and I worry about him very little these days. That may have more to do with Cassius and him becoming friends than his behavior.

Cassius, I have been blessed to have him for all my travels. Trustworthy, intelligent, cunning, powerful, and most importantly loyal. My hope for the future wouldn’t be as strong without him by my side. My hope is tempered by my knowledge that there will be more dark times ahead for the crew of the Cortadormar, and our strength of spirit may be all that helps us get through it. I will inspire my men and become a better leader, I will not allow us to fail.



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